Membership Options

Membership Application Process

Friendly Hills Country Club is a private, member owned club with three membership categories available: Regular (equity), Junior and Social. The Club is owned by the 400 Regular (equity) members who each own one share of the Club's stock. Upon successful completion of the application process, candidates are elected to membership by the Club's Board of Directors and the membership becomes effective the following month.

Membership Categories Are Listed Below -

  • Equity Membership
    • Regular (Equity) members are the owners of the Club and have full use of all of the Club's amenities and facilities. A Regular membership is a family membership which also gives the entire family (including children under 25 living at home or attending school) use of the Club's amenities and facilities with limited exceptions. 


  • Junior Membership
    • Junior Memberships are available to persons ages 21 to 39. There are four classes of Junior memberships broken down by age. Junior members have the same access to the Club’s amenities and facilities as Regular Members. Junior Members do not hold an ownership interest in the Club and therefore do not vote. As Junior members age, they will make additional deposits that are applied towards full Regular membership. Upon turning 40 years of age, Junior members may apply for Regular membership by paying the difference between the collective deposit previously paid and the market price of the membership set at the time of the Junior application approval.
  • Social Membership
    • Social members are entitled to use any of the Club's dining venues, the tennis facilities, the pool, the fitness center and may participate in all of the Club's social events. Social member’s children and grandchildren may participate on the Swim Team and may also participate in the summer Junior Sports Camp. A Social membership is a non golfing membership and cannot be sold.